Which denim is the best?

Which denim is the best?

Denim fabric is made from cotton indigo-dyed warp yarns interwoven with natural-colored weft yarns in a three-up one downright twill tissue. It can generally be divided into light, medium, and medium-heavy. The width of the cloth is mostly between 114-152cm.

Traditional denim is made from cotton indigo-dyed warp yarns interwoven with natural-colored weft yarns in a three-up one downright twill pattern. It is generally classified as light, medium, or heavy. Light cloth weighs 200-340g/m² (6-10oz/square yard), medium cloth weighs 340-450g/m² (10-13oz/square yard), heavy cloth weighs 450g or more yarn thickness; heavy 7 x 6, medium 10 x 10, light 12 x 12 (British) or more. The width of the cloth is mostly between 114-152cm.

The characteristics of denim are as follows:

I. Cotton coarse count yarn twill, moisture permeable, breathable, and comfortable to wear.

II. Thick texture, clear grain after appropriate treatment can prevent wrinkles and shrinkage, and deformation.

III. Indigo is a coordinating color that can be matched with various colored tops and is suitable for all seasons.

IV. Indigo is a non-sturdy color. The more you wash it, the lighter it is, the more beautiful it is.

Cotton-polyester stretch fabric

Denim patterns and colors:

I. Using the different raw material structure of the fancy denim

(1) Stretch denim woven with a small proportion of spandex yarn (about 3-4% of the yarn weight) as warp core stretch warp or weft yarn.

(2) Chiffon denim using a low percentage of polyester blended with cotton as warp yarn, dyed to produce a white-out effect.

(3) Premium denim made from cotton and linen, cotton and wool blended yarns.

(4) Denim is made of medium and long fibers (T/R).

II. Fancy denim woven with different processing techniques

(1) Bark crepe denim woven with high twist weft yarns.

(2) Over-dyed denim dyed in warp yarns with dyes such as sulfur or sea-change orchid before dyeing indigo orchid.

(3) Coloured striped denim with colored warp yarns embedded in indigo warp yarns.

(4) Hanging white or printing on indigo denim.

What is the best denim?

Denim is a thick, thick cotton fabric in indigo blue. Although it is cotton, why is it different from the cotton we usually come across? Well, that's because denim is made from cotton with a shrinkage treatment, so it shrinks by almost half compared to normal cotton fabric, so it feels tighter to the touch!

Currently, the more common denim fabrics would be stretch fabrics. This is because a lot of the time, with denim, we like how it fits, which helps create the perfect shape. But if it's a plain cotton fabric that's lost its stretch, it loses the effect of shaping your figure!

Denim in the bamboo fabric is also very popular with young people. This is because this kind of denim, if washed turns into a different kind of check. Checked clothes are particularly popular these two years, and they look classic and generous!

There is another type of denim that is a clever combination of stretch and bamboo fabric. This is spandex. The use of a mixture of spandex and bamboo spandex makes for tighter denim, and checks have been particularly popular and have become the driving force behind people buying denim!

The surface of good denim is generally simple, without too much fuss, but in various lines and clear patterns, without other impurities, and without giving you a bad feeling. Generally speaking, we can easily see the pros and cons of denim. If your denim smells bad and feels uncomfortable to wear, then it's not good quality!