Benefits and applications of Tencel cotton

What is Tencel cotton?

First of all, it is clear that Tencel is not pure cotton, nor pure Tencel fabric, but a combination of Tencel and cotton fabrics. In other words, Tencel fabric is a composite fabric of Tencel and cotton. It is a fabric made from Tencel and cotton. The composition of Tencel cotton fabric is briefly said to have two forms of blending and interweaving.

Blended Tencel fabrics can be made in a myriad of different proportions. The more common is the 50/50 ratio. As for the spinning process and weaving, it depends on the design needs. Interwoven Tencel fabric is also very rich, warp to Tencel weft to cotton or Tencel cotton blended yarn, warp to cotton weft to Tencel, or Tencel cotton blended yarn, or Tencel inside interspersed with cotton yarn, cotton yarn fabric interspersed with Tencel, and so on.

Tencel Cotton

Benefits of Tencel

The function of Tencel fabric is summarised as comfortable, ecologically safe, and harmless, and it is a high-quality textile material, so it is very popular. Tencel fabric is characterized by breathable and moisture-absorbent, not stuffy, warm in winter and cool in summer, more than cotton with the concept of technological innovation, so the market outlook is very good. In addition, Tencel cotton can do both thin fabrics but also can do heavy fabrics. The development potential is huge. These are also the advantages of Tencel cotton fabrics.

Where is Tencel cotton used?

Tencel cotton blended fabric refers to Tencel and cotton fibers in a certain proportion of evenly mixed textile materials, currently 50/50 ratio. Tencel cotton blended fabric than all-day silk fabrics have a sense of cotton, cotton color, and luster. Run Mei is also not affected by cotton knots, cottonseed shells, a significant enrichment of the characteristics of Tencel fabrics, and improved performance.

Tencel cotton blended fabric is Tencel fabric technology to enhance a class of inevitable products, light, flowing, and light drape of all-day silk fabric style features we only think is the basic style of Tencel fabric. However, there are unique features but far from Tencel fabric to achieve the goal because the quality of light, flowing, the light drape cannot meet the needs of autumn and heavy winter fabrics.

Tencel cotton and cotton blend to make up for the feel and drape of cotton. Tencel cotton feels softer, good drape, texture, good strength, gives people a sense of nobility. It and cotton are very good moisture-wicking, can be made to fit, and Tencel cotton fabric is more suitable in the summer. Its surface is soft and smooth, cool and airy.

Tencel Cotton

As the first natural fibers, Cotton fiber and now also by the majority of consumers' favorite fabrics naturally have unique advantages. It is more moisture-absorbent and does not pilling, good anti-static ability. The main advantage is that it is suitable for anyone, including people with sensitive skin, but not Tencel cotton.

Cotton fabrics are easy to wash and can be hand washed or machine washed, but Tencel is not easy to care for. It is best to wash by hand, machine wash in a laundry bag. Tencel cotton and cotton have their advantages and disadvantages, as to which is better and depend on their specific use.

Tencel cotton is mainly used for summer clothing, underwear, and trousers. As Tencel is harmless and biodegradable, it is also suitable for baby clothes.

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