What is the fabric of the soft jeans?

What is the fabric of the soft jeans?

Soft denim jeans are cotton stretch fabric

This fabric is very comfortable to wear and will not have a hard feeling. The pattern of the trousers will be very fine. It is a piece of very good fabric, the effect on the body is satisfactory.

The jeans we buy are generally made from denim indigo wash fabric, while the cotton stretch fabric will be very soft to wear, but of course, the cost is relatively high. After all, the materials used for the two fabrics are different.

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In addition, cotton stretch made out of trousers has good moisture absorption and breathability. The fabric is soft and shiny. The feel is also very fine and smooth, is a very good product, and has become the favorite choice of the crowd.

Generally, we need to choose the right jeans for ourselves, whether it's the style or the fabric. Choosing the right one for ourselves is the best, of course, most of the jeans are elastic, so the fabric of the jeans will be more comfortable to wear.

The fact that jeans can be said to be a must-have fashion item, comfortable to wear and also very fashionable, I believe everyone's wardrobe will have a pair of jeans, with any style of clothing can be matched up, worth getting.

We can produce and supply all kinds of denim. How to use them is up to you!