Analysis of the difference between the printing process and the direct spray printing process features

Analysis of the difference between the printing process and the direct spray printing process features

Each garment is not only different in pattern and color. Different processes give each garment a different look and feel the achievement of their personality, and a special way of expression to each person wearing them.

Imitation stamping, stamping silver: this process is more common in the market printing process; dosage is relatively small, generally used for printing words, LOGO, trademark, and other small figures, has the advantages of acid high-temperature resistance, glitter, and good stability. This process is used on digital direct spraying machines. It is a new pattern of printing; multi-process with more people like.

Gum paste: this process is more resistant to washing, not easy to deformation, can be a large area of a variety of color printing, is the first choice of big brands printing process. It is suitable for restoring designs and various decorations on dark clothes, sleeve flowers, boutonnieres, etc. Multiple overlapping printing can also ensure the lasting vividness of the pattern.

Imitation pluck printing: this process has bright colors and does not impress the hand and breathability. Relatively viscous, strong covering power is based on a balance between water paste and glue paste, suitable for printing on fabrics other than dark clothes, presenting a thin layer of powder pattern.


3D thick plate: this process originates from the base of the gum paste through multiple printing techniques to achieve the effect of high and low levels, printing a pattern that feels bumpy to the touch.

Suede foam: Based on foam printing, it has an imitation fur effect and is soft to the touch for those who like fur.

Embroidery: The embroidery process is also relatively common. It has a unique Chinese painting effect, with a flat surface, fine stitching, and vivid colors, suitable for printing elements with a Chinese touch.

Flocking: The special feel and three-dimensionality of flocking is rising rapidly in the printing industry, with a soft and wear-resistant feel suitable for those who like flocking.

Digital Direct Print: Digital Direct Printworks like a printer and print the pattern you want directly on the fabric. There are no special effects, but it can be a jack of all trades for color and detail.

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