The difference between digital printing and garment printing

The difference between digital printing and garment printing.

I. Different Definitions

1. Digital Printing: is with the continuous development of computer technology and the gradual formation of a set of machinery, computer machine electronic information technology as one of the high-tech products.

2. Garment Printing: is the garment-making process. First, dyeing the fabric pits into a single color, the pattern printed on the fabric.

Digital Printing

II. Different Principle

1. Digital Printing: the pattern through the digital form of input to the computer, through the computer printing color tracing system (CAD) editing processing, and then by the computer control micro piezoelectric inkjet nozzle to special dye directly into the textile, the formation of the required pattern.

2. Garment Printing: according to the sublimation characteristics of some disperse dyes, the transfer paper printed with the patterned pattern is in close contact with the fabric, and under the control of certain temperature, pressure and time, the dye is transferred from the printing paper to the fabric, and enters the inside of the fabric through diffusion, thus achieving the purpose of coloring.

Garment Printing

III. Different Advantages

1. Digital Printing: is the dye directly in a special box on demand sprayed on the fabric, neither waste, but also no wastewater pollution, eliminating the transfer of the dye between the printing machine rinse and discharge of dye, to achieve the printing process without pollution. It also eliminates the need for film. Silkscreen, silver cylinder, and other materials consumption.

2. Garment Printing: the fabric base color is white or mostly white, and the printing pattern from the back looks lighter than the front color.

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