Do you know what the most common types of denim are?

The Five Most Common Types of Denim Fabric

There's no fashion that jeans can't do, and if there is, you're using the wrong denim!

The unique quality of jeans makes them extremely easy to distinguish, no matter how much they change, and this has a lot to do with the unique fabrics used in them. The fabrics used to make denim are collectively known in the industry as denim.

Traditionally denim is a thicker and thicker color woven warp twill cotton fabric with a dark warp yarn, usually indigo, and lighter weft yarn, usually light grey or boiled white yarn, also known as indigo labor fabric.

With jeans being injected with fashion connotations, the requirements for denim are no longer simply about tough texture and wear resistance but also about the comfort, skin-friendliness, and shape retention of denim.

Cotton denim

Cotton denim is the most traditional fabric for jeans. It is comfortable to wear, easy to dye, has a wide variety of patterns, is soft and warm, and absorbs moisture. However, cotton clothing is easy to wrinkle, easy to shrink, poor conformability, poor elasticity. While clothing is not easy to discharge after absorbing sweat, a long time wearing will feel heavy.

Cotton Denim

Cotton and linen-blend denim

Cotton and linen-blend denim are made by adding ramie and linen to regular denim. This fabric is ideal for denim shirts or trousers in summer as it is cooler and stiffer than soft cotton.

Cotton-polyester composite denim

The addition of polyester to denim gives better shape retention and a brighter surface. In the early days of polyester-cotton laminates, the surface of jeans was known as a "snowflake" due to uneven fading and the appearance of white spots. The snowflake style has now become one of the classic elements of the vintage style. Cotton denim on the market today is more or less mixed with a small amount of polyester, which gives the jeans better shape retention.

Cotton/viscose blend denim

Viscose fibers, also known as regenerated cellulose fibers, are made from natural ingredients such as wood, bamboo, and silk and are soft and skin-friendly. The high-end brands on the market that use Tencel, Bamboo, Arthur, and Modal fall into this category.

Cotton Stretch Fabrics

Spandex stretch denim

As fashion continues, the traditional straight-legged trousers no longer satisfy the appetite of the trendsetters, and stretch denim is born. This denim with a small amount of spandex has an excellent elasticity. It is perfectly tailored to fit perfectly without restricting freedom of movement, making it the perfect choice to show off your body.

The modern trend of fashion is always rising and falling, and the advantages of several fabrics are combined in denim. The role of different materials in jeans is more in terms of breathability, skin-friendly effect, and elasticity. In contrast, the appearance of jeans is more in the spinning, weaving, and washing process.

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