How to care for your jeans?

How to care for your jeans?

Firstly, let's introduce what is meant by "raising" a pair of jeans, which is jargon used by jeans players to wear them for a long time and wash them less. Using the body's curves to polish the full color of the jeans so that they fade naturally and form folds and whiskers that fit your body shape, thus creating a unique pair of jeans.

If you want a unique pair of jeans, you have to "breed" them yourself. The shortest time to "raise a cow" is one year, the longest is three to five years or even ten years (the quality of the trousers must be good. Otherwise, a pair of trousers may be raised into a pair of jeans).

Washing time

If you sweat a lot in summer, you can hang your jeans in a ventilated place, spray some water on them and let them dry in the sun; if your jeans are stuck to something clean, you can spray water on the stolen areas and then gently pinch off the stolen things.

Cleaning methods

When cleaning for the first time, try not to machine wash or dry clean. Instead, it's best to clean them on yourself so that the jeans will be more in line with your leg shape and the effect will be better.

Water temperature

Please don't soak your jeans in hot water, as this will cause a large degree of shrinkage. Generally, the water temperature is around 30 degrees.